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on a side note, I loved all the guys hanging out together, finally including Kurt, and Mercedes and Rachel having a girl night




After much deliberation on this matter I am of the opinion that Kurt and Blaine need to break up. Blaine needs to make a life independent from Kurt. None of this mourning their relationship. None of this fighting to get him back. I need Blaine to date other people. I need Blaine to find his niche. I need Blaine to realize who he is, because since he was 16, he’s seen himself entirely in relation to Kurt one way or another, for better or worse. I need Blaine not to stop loving Kurt, but I need him to get over Kurt. Then I need Kurt to see this new Blaine. This confident Blaine. This independent Blaine. I need Kurt to realize that the boy who came into his world as a figurative teenage dream has become his dream man. I need Kurt to be in awe of Blaine. I need Kurt to chase Blaine and woo Blaine and become the man Blaine deserves. Because Blaine deserves a man who doesn’t just say he loves him, but who shows it. Really truly unabashedly shows it. Blaine deserves more than a friend who loves him but doesn’t realize that loving someone and being in love are not the same. And Kurt deserves to be in love. I am 100000% on team future!Klaine. But this current Klaine needs some growing up.

It all comes down to a final thought: this may not be the Klaine I want, but this is the Klaine I need right now.

"this might not be the Klaine I want, but this is the Klaine I need"

God damn that’s a perfect way of looking at it. I am 180% team forever Klaine, but they cannot be forever Klaine if they aren’t on the same page. They really need to take a step back and re-evaluate who they are and what they want. Blaine is never going to “find himseff” in New York or whatever crap they talked about if he’s still hanging on Kurt’s every word and following Kurt around like a puppy. Get out there, Blaine. You deserve someone to want you the way you want them! You deserve someone to love you the way you love them!

I’m not going back on anything I said to my lovely Anon last night. That being said, this entire post speaks to me on a deep, deep level. And I agree with pretty much all of it. And I haven’t seen the episode yet.

Give me the drama, give me the chase, dear god give me ‘unrequited’ feelings and angst, GIVE ME ALL OF IT. And THEN give me the happy ending to close out season six.

when I started reading this post I never thought I’d agree with it, but especiall the “Blaine needs to get over Kurt” part really hit me.

Because Kurt knows that he can be without Blaine he just isn’t without him by choice. Blaine doesn’t know that. Blaine is emotionally very dependend on Kurt. And him being his first relationship and sexual partner and much more sure doesn’t help the case.

no matter what you say, kurt and blaine’s relationship is so realistic that that is probably the reason it feels unrealistic to you


poritzstiefel replied to your post: maybe I’m partial but I’ve never seen …

darren and criss

goddammit. this is confusing. why does darren have such a confusing name?? when I first downloaded AVPM songs I put “darren chriss” as artist.

maybe I’m partial but I’ve never seen a television couple look more like they are in a relationship than kurt and blaine the last two episodes

Okay, it may seem a little weird to you but back here in the dark ages, it’s still crazy for a girl to love girls and guys to love guys. x

I loved this so so so so much and I started crying when Santana said this. 

Lea Michele films scenes for “Glee” in a Limo (x)


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when people casually mention something you’re completely obsessed with and it takes every fuckin ounce of your self control not to propel yourself into the stars and scream for the rest of eternity about how much you love the thing